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Building Up Sports Teams


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Supporting Local Youth Sports
Reducing or eliminating sports fees

Helping sports teams reduce participation fees for game registrations, coaching and field fees so kids can focus on playing and improving their game, not selling candy and wrapping paper.

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Providing sports equipment

Supporting teams to make it possible for them to update equipment and keep the kids safe.

Providing uniforms

Providing kids with safe new uniforms to help them be proud of their team and their sport.

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Reaching Out To Those You Do Business With

Reach out to the business that you already do business with, hairdresser, plummer, handyman, dry cleaner, etc. and give them a black card and ask them to follow the text instructions on the back of the card.
Once your business implements any of our solutions up to a 40% donation will be made to your child’s code for the teams scholarship fund that includes free player fees and equipment.
Once all of your child’s sporting fees are covered your complete family will continue to have the opportunity for multitude of other rewards as more businesses take advantage of the Black Card Community Partnership.
Enjoy your season of sport without selling candy, wrapping paper and other items to support the team.